WE ARE BACK FROM SPRING BREAK! During said break…. Casey and Chris were pretty, pretty… pretty sure that the woman they were hitting on at the Beach Bum Bar was a mermaid. In fact, they were ALMOST positive. Of course they weren’t just going to “kiss the girl”… or were they? That’s when they decided to record this podcast to clear their minds and their loins. The LATEST episode of Towelite Talk is here for your listening pleasures. Get your dose of the Geekly news!



RIP Lance Reddick


  • Cap 4 – Liv Tyler back
  • Across Spiderverse new trailer ref MCU
  • Joshua Friedman to write F4
  • Zeb Wells joins Deadpool 3 writing team
  • Secret Invasion new trailer


  • GODS Hickman
  • Fall of X
  • Blade


  • Blue Beetle trailer
  • Aquaman 2 moved up to 12/20
  • First looks at Joker 2
  • Clayface in the Batman 2?
  • Titans returns 4/13 – Stargirl/Titans xover?
  • My Adventures with Superman on adult swim Summer
  • Batman and Robin

Star Wars

  • No more Lindelof movie – Steven Knight
  • Glover talks Lando return
  • Zeb on Mando
  • Young Jedi Adventures
  • Forest Moon festival

Star Trek

  • Starfleet Academy series announced for P+
  • SNW s2 and Lower Decks S4 this summer. Both renewed. Prodigy returns this winter.
  • Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko




  • Megalopolis 
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Library Edition V1
  • Cosmic Detective to be published by Image SEPT
  • Comixology alternative, GlobalComix partners with Boom, Image and more

Joe Q Amazon 


  • Harry Potter Streaming reboot 
  • The Chosen One – American Jesus adaptation for Netflix
  • Ryan Coogler X-Files 
  • Scott Pilgrim anime
  • Muppets Mayhem


  • Little Mermaid
  • Questlove The Aristocats 
  • Moana LA
  • Barbie
  • GDT Frankenstein 
  • Ghostbusters sequel adds Patton Oswald and Kumail Nanjani
  • Hypnotic 
  • Street fighter rights to Legendary


  • E3 cxl
  • Toxic Crusaders 
  • Aliens Dark Descent 
  • Lego 2K Drive
  • HFW Burning Shores 4/19
  • Curse of the Sea Rats launch
  • Rebel Moon RPG
  • D&D Direct

Pursuit of Plastic

  • Hasbro – BS Krrsantan deluxe & Target MoM Scarlet Witch
  • Mattel Retro JP @ Target & MOTU fall 
  • NECATMNT Mirage April teased & Bride B&W & Creature 
  • McFarlane Toys – The Flash movie, Superman statue, BBTS exclusive, Collector Edition
  • Super 7 Disney Ultimates The Rescuers 
  • Tron exclusives
  • Hot Toys – C-3PO & 40th ROTJ Vader