Today is a monumental day for Towelite Talk and Don’t Forget a Towel! The 250th episode of Towelite Talk is here for your listening pleasures! Casey and Chris have had a great time together creating content over the years and we couldn’t thank you all enough for your support. Enjoy the episode and Don’t Forget a Towel!


  • RIP – Richard Roundtree, Richard Moll, Matthew Perry


  • MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios
  • MCU “new direction”
  • Blade will be R
  • DD:BA adds new creatives
  • Echo
  • Blood Hunt
  • Night Thrasher returns!


  • John Logan to write Batman B&B?
  • Creature Commandos concept art
  • Max scraps JJ Abrams Constantine project 
  • Penguin delayed
  • Superman and Lois S4 ends DCs CW run
  • Deadboy Detectives officially at Netflix
  • How to Lose a Guy Gardner in 10 Days Vday special
  • SS Dream Team
  • Compact Comics

Star Wars

  • Kevin Feige confirms he is no longer doing a movie
  • Dark Horse OGN’s
  • Dark Forces remaster Feb
  • Return of the Star Wars RPG

Star Trek




  • Helen of Wyndhorn


Disney to buy full control of Hulu

Netflix Geeked Week


  • Netflix 
    • Terminator 
    • DMC bhts
    • Yu Yu Hakusho LA
  • John Wick anime


  • Netflix $ increase
  • GEN V renewed
  • Amazon Ben Percy American Criminal 
  • Fallout 4/12
  • Doug sequel series in the works for D+
  • Doctor Who 60th
  • House of the Dragon S2 – Early Summer 2024
  • Shōgun
  • House of Ashur


  • GDT Frankenstein mains
  • Cavill Highlander moving fwd
    • will feature Queen
  • Black Phone 2
  • Kingdom of TPOTA
  • Rebel Moon theater release
    • Shares universe w/ AotD
  • John Carpenter to score Death of a Unicorn
  • Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  • Legend of Zelda LA
  • Now you see me 3


  • Rhys-Davies back as gimli in mines of Moria 
  • Dracula Dark Reign GBC
  • Barbarian
  • Sonic Dream Team
  • Switch 2?
  • 1st look Final fantasy TCG