Its been a few weeks and oh what grand adventures Chris and Casey have been on. The entirety of reality has unraveled and re-raveled around them and they’ve just now escaped the fabrics of space-time. What better opportunity than to jump on the mic and speak about the geekly news that’s been going on. Enjoy!

Marvel TV & Movies

DC TV & Movies 

  • The Batman castings? 
    • Matthew McConaughey eyed for Two-Face
    • Andy Serkis confirmed as Alfred
    • Colin Farrell as Penguin 
    • Jayme Lawson “Meet Bella, a grassroots political candidate running for office in Gotham.”
  • Black Adam poster, release date 12/22/21
  • Arrowverse
    • Paul Blackthorne and Emily Bett Rickards will return 
    • Arrow 2hr Finale Event on Tuesday, January 28, at 8 p.m. The finale itself, which is titled “Fadeout,” will air at 9 p.m.
    • Kevin Smith to host official Crisis On Infinite Earths Aftershow on the CW. 12/08 & 12/10
    • Natalie Dreyfuss cast as Sue Dibny 
  • #releasethesnydercut
  • DCU
    • Titans s3 greenlit
      • Blackfire main antagonist 
  • Slugfest – Russos making a DC vs Marvel show chronicling their rivalry, on streaming service Quibi




  • Legendary and Frank Miller and MAYBE Rodriguez will team up for Sin City TV
  • New Witcher trailer
    • Renewed s2


  • Wahlberg is Sully in Uncharted 
  • Katee Sackhoff returns for Riddick 4: Furya
  • Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric in Little Mermaid LA 
  • Netflix
    • Paramount & Eddie Murphy BHC 4
    • THE UNSOUND by Cullen Bunn & Jack T. Cole!



  • Mando ep1 impressions 
  • SW movies on hiatus after TROS
  • Kevin Feige promised the Star Wars movie he’s developing will explore “new people and new places in that universe.”


  • The Masters of the WWE Universe Grayskull wrestling ring 
  • Amazing Yamaguchi WW and HQ
  • NECA ¼ Big Chap Kenner Tribute for 40th anniv 
  • BTAS Mondo ⅙ scale preorder 
  • Lego 89 Batmobile  


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