“GOD these awards shows are horrible” Chris thought to himself as he gulped down his martini. Casey and he had decided to accept the invitation but soon regretted it. So they decided to sneak out and record this podcast but first to pocket some of that shrimp cocktail….


Marvel TV & Movies

  • Sam Raimi Doctor Strange 2??
    • Michael Waldron (Loki) to write 
    • Rachel mcadams is out
  • No more share animated universe at HULU. Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler cancelled.
  • RUMOR – Secret Invasion series coming to D+?
  • Another Morbius/Raimi-verse connection?
  • SONY announces untitled Marvel movie for 10/8/21
  • Loki adds Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Owen Wilson

DC TV & Movies 

  • The Batman- Peter Sarsgaard is…..Gil Colson. Or is he?
  • BOP bad box office. ONLY renamed for SEO not complete name change, HQ: Birds of Prey 
  • Oscars for Joker. Best Actor: JP; Best Score: Hildur Guðnadóttir.
  • Abigail Shapiro as The Chief’s daughter in Doom Patrol S2


  • Marvel
    • ‘The Marvels’, a new ongoing series from Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross and Yildiray Cinar. Described as “the biggest, wildest, most sprawling series ever to hit the Marvel Universe,” the expansive series takes readers “across the Marvel Universe… and beyond”
    • Juggernaut Solo 
  • DC
    • Dark Knights Metal announcement Wed. Trinity teases.
    • Shadow of the Batgirl GN
    • Generation Zero FCBD tease
      • Wally West 
    • ENIAC #1 from Matt Kindt & Doug Braithwaite – Coming to Select Comic Shops May 6, 2020



  • 3 more series from RWBY animation
  • Thundercats Roar coming 2/22
  • Y: the last man needs a new Yorick
  • Altered Carbon trailer, S2 drops 2/27
  • Mark Ruffalo lead Parasite series coming to HBO?


  • Parasite Oscar win 
  • F9 trailer
  • Spiral – the new Saw film with Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson
  • He-Man indefinitely postponed
  • Uncharted moves to March 5 2021
  • Lethal Weapon with original crew in the works
  • Turner and Hootch remake on D+
  • Matrix 4 officially shooting in San Fran


  • Atari Hotels coming 
  • Nintendo Switch lounges coming to select airports 
  • Borderlands 3 Event ‘Broken Hearts Day’ 
  • Batman Arkham a reboot? 


  • End of Vader #1 


  • S7 
    • TMNT Ultimates wave 2 pre order through 3/2
    • Robocop ReAction ED-209 and Mr. Kinney 2-Pack AVAILABLE NOW!
  • Mezco 
    • Thanos
      • Face change 
    • Two Face Toy Fair tease 
  • Funko The Child POP! Best selling of all time 


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