Casey and Chris had been searching for One Eyed Willy’s gold stash for months now with no success. Would they beat the Fratelli’s to the treasure… or die trying?! Before they made any big decisions they decided to record this podcast! Will this be the last you hear of the Towelite Twins? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!!


Marvel TV & Movies

  • Spider-Woman movie rumored over at SONY
  • First look at Cletus Kassady
  • Further connections to Morbius and the MCU
  • Kang in Loki?
  • Red Hulk rumored for She-Hulk D+

DC TV & Movies 

  • Batsuit test footage from Reeves
    • New music from Michael Giacchino
  • Batman restaurant London
  • DC Universe Announces New Tabletop Show 


  • Dark Horse
    • Predator original screenplay adaptation aka Hunters
  • DC
    • Batman – The Smile Killer one-shot 5/13
    • Batman: The Animated Series Returns as comic w/ Paul Dini May
    • Generation 5 one shots coming Generation One: Age of Mysteries kicks off in May
    • Green Lantern 80th 
    • Catwoman pregnant? King shares image from upcoming series. 
  • Marvel
    • Daredevil ‘One More Day’ May 



  • Gangs of London trailer from the director of The Raid
  • Fox working on a Goonies reenactment show
  • Little Dicky the show gets a trailer
  • D+ Mighty Ducks First look at Emilio Estevez back as Gordon Bombay 
  • The Witcher casts Yasen Atour as Coën & Paul Bullion as Lambert 
  • Stranger Things 4 – Hopper returns!
  • He-Man Revelations voice cast 
  • Castlevania Season 3 trailer
  • Diablo anime?!


  • D+ Rick Moranis back for Honey I Shrunk the kids sequel 
  • A Classic Monsters Land is Coming to Universal’s Epic Universe Theme Park
  • Aladdin 2 in the works with Ritchie and Smith expected to return   
  • Altered Carbon resleeved Anime


  • Ubisoft Prince of Persia VR escape room ‘The Dagger of Time” spring 2020
  • Gwent coming to Android 3/24
  • Witcher Switch allows PC cross-saves
  • MUA 3 – shadow of doom, F4 DLC coming 3/26
  • Villainous – Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power – card/board game 
  • Tiger handheld gaming is back! 


  • Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga box-set coming to UHD Blu-ray in March
  • Clone Wars starts Friday
  • Plug SW episode 


  • Mezco 
    • One:12 Two Face 
    • One:12 Predator 
    • Batman 66 5-Points 
  • Micro Machines are back 
  • Exclusive “Outback” Hulk ML with Avengers game Gamestop
  • NECA teases They Live Nada figure
  • Toy Fair this weekend


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