Casey and Chris weren’t sure if their new ally was a witch hunter, a street car racer or a strange alien with glowing eyes. Rumor even had it he was a talking tree sometimes. All the two knew was that the monsters were closing in and they may not see the light of day again, so they recorded this podcast! Don’t let your ears be fooled, listen with your eyes! For the Towelites are coming for you…


RIP Max Von Sydow

Marvel TV & Movies

  • Black Widow final trailer 
  • Gotg in Thor 4
    • Christian Bale rumored to be a Greek God

DC TV & Movies 

  • Dan Didio out of DC
  • Scott Snyder will serve as a consultant on the upcoming DCYou Unscripted pilot ‘Escape From Arkham’
  • Alfred Molina is Mr Freeze for HQ animated s2
  • Stargirl will premiere Monday, May 11 one DC Universe, with its CW debut coming a day later on Tuesday, May 12.
  • Suicide Squad prod wraps 
  • The Batman Batmobile reveal 
  • JL Dark Apokolips War trailer 


  • Bloodshot opens this weekend


  • DC
    • Locke and Key/Sandman crossover
    • White Knight “Murphyverse” on the way as DC options for more stories. 
    • Three Jokers this June 
    • DCeased 2 
  • Marvel
    • X of Swords xover 
    • Ultraman 
  • Bad Idea
    • Coming to a town near you, list is live 


  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy turns 42
    • Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything



  • Mukaley Culkin joins AHS s10
  • Kim Bodnia is Vesemir in The Witcher s2
  • Waititi to take on Charlie and Choc factory in two animated series for Netflix 
  • Last of Us HBO
  • Tron Disney + series from John Ridley (12 years a slave)


  • Altered Carbon Resleeved trailer – 3/19
  • James Mangold to direct Indy 5
  • No time to die longest bond ever, 163 minutes
    • Pushed to November due to Coronavirus 
  • Borderlands movie with Eli Roth
  • Uncharted
    • Ruben Fleischer to direct 
    • Banderas cast
  • Jamie Foxx may have bailed on Spawn
  • The Last Witch Hunter sequel in the works


  • Blands 3 Guns love and Tentacles 3/26. Game finally coming to Steam 4/13
  • Shadows of Colossus on PS+
  • Kazuhisa Hashimoto, veteran video game developer and creator of the famous Konami Code passed away
  • Mind Mgmt tabletop game


  • Project Luminous


  • Snake Eyes 6″ Deluxe
  • Mezco Mr Freeze 
  • Hot Toys 
    • Miles
    • HQ v2 
  • Mario heads to LEGO


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