Casey and Chris have been battling the apocalypse from inside their homes; and while most news is related to ‘The Rona’ there is still a lot of geekly things happening in the galaxy. Take a listen to the newest episode and stay safe, stay inside, and don’t forget a towel!


Marvel TV & Movies

  • Everything shut down/pushed

DC TV & Movies 

  • WW pushed til August
  • BOP early
  • Batman stopped production
  • HQ S2 next week
  • Stargirl letter from Johns. Premiere pushed 5/18


  • On hold


  • All your tv shows pushed back
  • CBS all access free trial
  • Castlevania S4 greenlit


  • Early VOD and full releases 
  • Last day of American crime 
  • Dragons Lair Live Action starring Ryan Reynolds


  • CDPR to start work on new Witcher game 
  • F4 DLC for MAU3 out 
  • Old Star Wars Games on consoles
    • Jedi Academy out now Switch/ps4
    • Racer coming for Switch/Ps4
  • The world needs animal crossing
  • Uncharted audio drama.



  • Mando Season 2 casting
    • Bill Burr back
    • Michael Biehn
    • Rosario Dawson as Ashoka?
    • Robert Rodriguez
  • 2 Hour The Skywalker Legacy on youtube


  • Destro
  • SHF 
    • Batman 89
    • Cowboy Bebop
  • Mafex Batman Hush
  • The Child HT
  • Sideshow Shadowland DD ⅙ 

What we’re geeking out about 


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