Chris and Casey got on the mic today to talk about all the geeky stuff happening in the galaxy. Despite almost everything you know getting delayed due to COVID, there’s still a lot going on out there to be excited about. From Stargirls, to Bayhem, Star Wars, and much more. Take a listen to the newest episode and indulge yourself!

Marvel TV & Movies

  • Spider-Man 3 production halted 
  • Morbius pushed to from this October to 3/19/2021, unannounced 2021 film taken off slate 
  • Venom 2 still on schedule, trailer may drop soon.
  • Jeff Loveness (Rick and Morty) to write Ant-Man 3
  • Lorne Balfe to compose music for Black Widow 

DC TV & Movies 

  • Stargirl poster reveals JSA and Injustice League 
  • The Suicide Squad
    • What will The SS be rated. Gunn know. Will BOP bombing influence it to be PG13? Or will we get another R? Thoughts?
    • Producer says Harley Quinn will be like Paul Dini character 
  • BOP home release 5/12
  • Dylan Walsh to play General Lane on Superman & Lois
  • DCU digital events 
  • HQ S2 has begun and will explore relationship between Ivy and Harley
  • JL Dark Apokolips War ends DC New 52 animated universe? 


  • Diamond halting payments?
  • Bad Idea rises above the rest
  • DC
    • Batman: TAS – The Adventure Continues is out digitally
  • Marvel 
    • Digital Comics Shop BOGO digital comics through 4/7. Code MARVEL2020 at checkout
    • Marvel Unlimited will have a free section. No sign up required 
  • Super Mario Manga coming later this year



  • Locke & Key S2 renewed at Netflix
  • Snowpiercer will now debut on TNT 5/17 9pm. Two weeks early 
  • V wars and October Faction cancelled at Netflix 
  • #StayHomeBoxOffice 
  • Michael bay signed multi-year tv and film deal with SONY


  • Top Gun Maverick pushed to xmas
  • Quiet place 2 moved to labor day weekend 
  • Tomorrow war is now undated 
  • GB Afterlife pushed 3/5/2021
  • Uncharted pushed to 10/08/2021
  • Hobbs and Shaw sequel is happening according to DJ
  • SXSW Movies free end of April on Amazon Prime


  • PS5 under 400? 
  • Mario 35th remasters for switch 
  • Disney & Pixar ‘Mirrorverse’ RPG game coming
  • Last of Us 2 delayed indefinitely. Iron man VR also delayed.
  • John Wick Hex PS4 5/5
  • Rocksmith DLC is over
  • Godzilla characters coming to Magic the Gathering. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths as alternate art cards
  • Mind MGMT KS successful 


  • New obi wan writer 
  • Trevorrow animated script 
  • Jamie Lee Curtis rumored to be cast in Mando s2
  • High Republic characters names reveals 
    • New episode of Star Warriors on the way!


  • S7 Thundercats wave 3
  • New SW carbonized
  • LEGO F&F

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