Chris and Casey have been reunited at home once again in another live episode of Towelite Talk. Lots of geeky news have erupted over the past couple of weeks and they just had to chit chat about it! Watch or Listen below and Enjoy.


What are we geeking out about?


  • Hollowed #2 KS launched and FUNDED!! 
  • SDCC is going virtual this summer
  • BlizzCon cancelled
  • Pokemon GO! Fest going virtual
  • HBO Max launches

Marvel TV & Movies

  • New Mutants now coming to theaters? 8/28? 
  • AOS producers promise “proper” MCU sendoff
  • Jackpot movie rumored

DC TV & Movies 

  • #releasethesnydercut
  • Cavil coming back to MULTIPLE films…maybe
  • Doom Patrol S2 this June 25th (both DCU & HBO Max)
  • Ruby Rose leaves Batwoman
  • Swamp Thing to air on CW
  • Superman and Lois Jan 2021 – synopsis 
    • Wolé Parks cast as ‘The Stranger’ –  a mysterious visitor hellbent on proving to the world that it no longer needs Superman


  • Temura Morrison as Boba Fett in Mando S2
    • Second role may be Rex with Ahsoka and Sabine. Word has it ONE episode. 
    • Katee Sackoff to reprise role as Bo-Katan Kryze in Mando s2
    • Timothy Olyphant cast. Rumor is Sheriff Cobb Vanth (Aftermath)
  • Jedi Temple Challenge game show
  • SW LEGO Skywalker Saga coming 10/20. Total revamp of originals. 
    • If you buy Razor Crest set it unlocks in game 
  • New VR game (Oculus) tales from the Galaxies Edge
  • BF 2 PS Plus June 
  • New game announcement?


  • BOOM! 
    • DUNE: HOUSE ATREIDES 12-issue series, adapted & scripted by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, available this Fall
  • DC
    • James McAvoy heads cast of Sandman audible drama
    • 3 Jokers set for august Debut
    • DCeased digital series 



  • Jared Padalecki is Walker (Texas Ranger) the CW Jan 2021
  • D+
    • Muppets Now! This summer 
    • National Treasure series
    • Hamilton July 3rd 
    • Percy Jackson series
    • Kingdom Hearts
  • AMC picks up Vampire Chronicles & Mayfair Witches
  • Snowpiercer also airing on Netflix
    • Sean Bean joins S2
  • Pike and Spock set for own series on CBS AA Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
  • Cobra Kai moving from YouTube?


  • AMAZON to buy amc
  • Sonic sequel coming
  • Blanchett official on Blands movie
  • Scott Derrickson Labyrinth sequel
  • Furiosa is GM’s next MM movie 
    • No CT
  • David Ayer is set to write, direct, and produce an adaptation of Six Years.


  • PS launches PS Studios for their gaming branch of original games
  • 6/5 PS5 showcase 


  • McFarlane picks up Dune license
  • Mezco WW modern and Blade MDX (wait-list)
  • Figuarts WW
  • Hasbro SWBS Zeb and more



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