Casey and Chris are BACK after a long rest at the Mos Barka Cantina. There was a lot of geeky news to drop and we even had our 8 year anniversary here at DFAT! Thanks to everyone for their support through the almost-decade and we can’t wait to keep it going for years to come!


8 Years of DFAT

Geeking Out? ALL THE SWRPG.


Comic Con @ Home is meh

Gen Con

Marvel TV & Movies

  • Haley Steinfeld as Kate Bishop?
  • Rumor – Marvel Studios developing Illuminati movie based on the Bendis comic
  • Helstrom hits Hulu on 10/16

DC TV & Movies 

  • DC Universe drops yearly sub plan
  • Batman Death in the Family interactive movie


    • Hayden signing on?
    • REPORT Casting call: in search of both a male and female actor in the age range of 8-11 to play a pair of “precocious” twins.
  • Maul is rumored for MULTIPLE D+ shows. Ray Park-less?
  • Solo on D+? Ron Howard confirms no plans for movie sequel…
  • Galaxy’s Edge to celebrate Life Day?
  • Karl Urban was a stormtrooper in ROS


  • DC
    • Rorschach DC Black Label Series from Tom King & Jorge Fornés
    • Tom Taylor teases more Injustice? JSA?
    • White Knight Harley Quinn – October
    • American Vampire 1976 this October
    • Scott Snyder to step out of main line in 2021
  • UCP Graphic
    • NBC Universal Boom! and Grant Morrison team 
  • BOOM!
    • BRZRKR – Keanu, Kindt, Vitti 
  • DFAT Comics
    • Hollowed 2 
    • POP



  • The Myst Documentary
  • Paradox Wars: Shattered Time #1 


  • Netflix
    • Usagi Yojimbo animated series
    • Dragon’s Dogma anime 
    • The Witcher: Blood Origin 
    • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous 
    • Splinter Cell tv series from John wick writer
  • Chucky 2021 USA & SyFy
  • Invincible voice cast for animated series 
  • Paper girls series to amazon
  • Star Trek Discovery S3 10/15


  • Jon Hamm in Fletch reboot
  • Courtney Cox returning to Scream
  • Project Power trailer 
  • Netflix is throwing upwards of 200 mil at The Gray Man 
  • AMC and universal strike VOD deal


  • GI Joe Operation Blackout revealed for October
  • Tales from Galaxy’s Edge preview
  • Hawkeye joins Marvel’s Avengers
  • Battletoads coming to XBOX and PC in Aug


  • McFarlane adds more DC
    • Confirms Witcher Wild Hunt line 
  • Walmart Collectibles launches
    • Exclusives SW, GI Joe & more.
  • Super7 Disney?
  • Mezco One:12
    • Death Dealer
    • Constantine
    • Bishop
    • F4
  • Hot Toys Clone Wars


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