TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES! Wait… that’s something totally different. Chris and Casey had their Geekly minds blown by the DC Fandome over the past weekend! So take a listen and find out what’s new and exciting in the world of geek pop culture!


What we geeking out on? 

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • Fandome run-down
    • The Batman
    • The Suicide Squad
    • The FLASH
      • Batfleck Returns!
    • WW84 
      • Cheetah in action
    • Black Adam
    • Titans S3 Gotham
    • Video Games
      • SS kill the JL
      • Gotham Knights
    • Milestone Comics
      • Static Shock
  • DCU Originals officially headed to HBO Max. There is a “plan” for the digital comics library and more according to Jim Lee. 
  • Batman: Soul of the Dragon animated voice cast revealed
  • Long Halloween animated movie to be 2 parts 

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • LEGO SW Holiday Special coming Nov 17 on D+
  • Alphabet Squadron book 3 ‘Victory’s Price’ due out March 2
  • Obi Wan to start shooting in September? Limited series.


  • IDW
    • TMNT Jennika 2 coming in Nov
    • Seven of Nine miniseries in Nov
  • Marvel
    • In April 2021, marvel will release Alien Omnibus



  • NOCTURNAL – Scott Snyder & Tony Daniel KS


  • Jensen Ackles joins The Boys S3 as Soldier Boy
  • LA Powerpuff Girls show in the works at CW..


  • Babysitter: Killer Queen coming in September to Netflix 
  • Enola Holmes coming to Netflix 9/23


  • Full details for GI-Joe Operation Blackout
  • New Switch in 2021?


  • LEGO ESB Duel Set 
  • Hondo Black Series ~ 8/30
  • McFarlane
    • MORE DC Dark Knights Metal 
    • DC Gold Label “limited” Walmart 
  • TDNR Batman & Robin Mafex set


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