Casey and Chris JUST returned from an intergalactic Toy Hunting adventure to find themselves needing to record a podcast. Luckily while they were gone a lot of Geekly things happened so take a listen!!



Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Jonathan Majors cast in Ant Man
  • Marvel’s She-Hulk 
    • sets Kat Coiro As Series Director
    • Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters
  • Batroc returns in Falcon & WS
  • WandaVision confirmed for 2020
  • Olivia Wilde Set to Direct (& produce) Spider-Woman Film

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • Doom Patrol S3 headed to HBO Max
  • The Batman has started production again
  • Word has it that Henry Cavill has signed on, “again”, for future Superman roles. We shall see. 

SW – TV, Movies & Games


  • DC
    • BATMAN B&W returns in Dec
    • Generations: Shattered #1, an 80-page one-shot priced at $9.99. Jan.
    • Batman Day 9/21 




  • Walking Dead to end with S11
    • spin-offs’ future unclear
  • Animaniacs teaser. On HULU 11/20.
  • Paramount+ – absorbing cbs aa
  • Raised by Wolves s2 
  • Song Exploder



  • Final Fantasy 16
  • Borderlands Bunkers & Badasses tabletop RPG – DELUXE VERSION on sale through 9/30
  • Hasbro Hero Quest
  • Ori 2 on Switch
  • MYST VR remake
  • AC and Splinter Cell VR Games
  • PS5 


  • McFarlane
    • Dune 7″ & 12″
    • Witcher 7″ figures Geralt and King Eredin
  • S7 Thundercats wave four
  • Mafex Hush Joker
  • HT ESB Lando

One more shameless KICKSTARTER POP plug



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