By Crom! Casey and Chris are an adventure of a lifetime! Fighting Barbarians, slaying hydras and more! Will you join their battle to bring peace to the known universe? No, well how about listening to this podcast then?


Geeking out 

Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Ms Marvel 
    • Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan
    • sets Directing Team
  • WandaVision trailer 
  • Helstrom full teaser
  • Nick Fury series for Disney +
  • Madam Masque and Echo rumored for Hawkeye
  • Spiderman face changed for PS5

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • James Gunn bringing The Peacemaker to HBO Max
  • Supergirl ending on Season 6
  • Alex Morf cast as Zsasz in Batwoman
  • Goyer Batman Unburied podcast for Spotify 

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • Cassian gets new director Toby Haynes
  • Ready for Squadrons?


  • DC
    • Raised by Wolves 
  • Bad idea launch slate 



  • Haslab


  • The Boys spinoff
  • Netflix
    • Conan LA series for netflix
    • Dark Crystal: AOR cancelled


  • Lion king sequel 
  • The craft legacy trailer
  • Netflix’s Resident Evil Infinite Darkness animated movie


  • Microsoft buys Zenimax (bethesda parent company) for 7.5 billion 
  • XBOX Series X & S sell out
  • Amazon Luna streaming gaming service 
  • Hasbro working on 5E compatible games for Power Rangers, GI Joe, Transformers, My little pony


  • Hasbro Pulse Con
    • Kudos for Captcha
    • D&D Forgotten Realms Drizzt Do’Urden figure
    • Tons of reveals across the board
  • SHF Heavy Mando & Armorer
  • McFarlane
    • Last Knight on Earth
    • Red Son, Damian & more DKM


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