Chris and Casey recently found out that nefarious baddies were poisoning the water supply in their old stomping grounds. They poison is a mixture of fear toxin and the Mutant M gene. What does that mean for the villagers? Well, we have a lot of unstable people exhibiting powers and its up to them to handle the situation. Things are getting hairy on this episode of Towelite Talk!


Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Deadpool 3 gets writers The Molyneux Sisters
  • Will BW go to On Demand? Word still IS NO. 
  • Black panther 2 starts filming in July 
  • Marvel 616 doc series out now 
  • Kate Bishop Avengers game dlc 12/8
  • Marvel Wastelanders Podcast

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • WW84 12/25 in theaters and HBOMax
  • JL Snyder Cut 
    • New teaser
    • Adding ~150 min unseen footage
    • Joker was not in OG Snyder Justice league. New look teased
    • New Deathstroke look
  • Stallone in The Suicide Squad
  • Black Lightning cancelled after S4
  • Stargirl -Alkoya Brunson cast as Jakeem Thunder
  • Wonder Girl show being developed by Berlanti for CW – NEW CHARACTER Yara Flor from upcoming Future Slate.
  • DCU Originals moving from service in December
  • Jim Lee ‘Hush’ Batman Statue in Burbank

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • Disney unveils Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
  • Alan Dean Foster controversy
  • Squadrons DLC coming


  • Dark Horse
    • Black Hammer Visions – Patton Oswald to write first issue. 
  • Marvel
    • Mech Strike 
  • DC
    • Batman Earth One v3 Oct 2021



  • Talk DFAT Comics 2021?


  • Robert Patrick joining The Walking Dead
  • Robert Englund joins Stranger Things 4


  • Scream 5 wraps filming and is called… Scream
  • Transformers – Steven Caple Jr. to direct 
  • Chaos Walking trailer 
  • RR’s We Can Be Heroes coming to Netflix Jan 1
  • New Predator from 10 clover field lane Director


  • Mythic Legions Tactics
  • I0I working on Project 007


  • McFarlane Batbike
  • Hasbro
    • X-Men/Transformers Blackbird X-Spanse 
    • GI Joe Classified
  • Mezco Ghost Rider
  • LEGO
    • More Mario
    • Mando
  • Sideshow Black Canary Premium Format Figure


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