Casey and Chris made their way in to the R&D facility. The were JUST about to complete their mission but realized that they hadn’t recorded a podcast lately! So they found a cardboard box, hunkered down and delivered the epic episode you’re about to bless your ears with!


  • RIP David Prowse & Hugh Keays-Byrne
  • Geekin’ Out
  • WB HBOMax announcement

Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Ms Marvel 
    • Matt Lintz cast
  • Eternals
    • Thanos connection
  • Hawkeye
    • Filming begins
    • Castings
  • Daredevil rights came back

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • Snyder Cut “in a couple months”
  • Plastic Woman 
  • Ava DuVernay Naomi CW
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 
  • casts Nic Bishop
    • David Ramsey will return as Diggle across 5 Arrowverse episodes and has been cast in an unknown role on LOT. Will also direct 5 Arrowverse episodes.
  • Genndy Tartakovsky Superman looks (unmade)
  • Gotham Knights to be fully open world

SW – TV, Movies & Games

  • Boba Fett 
    • Mando Ch 14
    • miniseries details 
    • Castings?
  • Cassian filming underway
  • Obi Wan starting soon in Boston?
  • High Republic animated?
  • Darth Vader Statue in Bristol to Honor David Prowse


  • Marvel 
  • Rise of Skywalker comic cxl
  • DC
    • I am not Starfire OGN
    • House of EL




  • Vikings final season coming to Amazon first
  • John Barrowman will reprise his role as Captain Jack Harkness in holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks”
  • Gremlins sticking to puppets 
  • The Expanse to end with S6
  • Whedon leaves The Nevers 
  • DuckTales ending 
  • Blood of Zeus gets second season 


  • Oscar Issac Metal Gear Solid
  • Gal Gadot Heart of Stone
  • Mads to replace Depp Fantastic Beasts 3
  • Peter Dinklage Joins The Toxic Avenger Reboot
  • Julius Avery directing new Van Helsing flick, james Wan produce


  • MK11 – movie skins 
  • Gameboy coming to Switch Online?
  • Ps5 pro and 5G portable 


  • Hasbro ML
    • House/Power of X
    • MODOK & Ultron
  • GG/DST 
    • The Mandalorian Beskar Pauldron Mini Bust
    • Squadrons Havina Vonreg Legends in 3D Bust
  • Mezco Static 6 Conan statue 


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