The Creators of Towelite Talk and Gutsy Media Podcast team up for a crossover podcast event like none other! Listen to the pop culture geekfest of 2021 and enjoy!



Welcome Bob Gutzmer from Gutsy Media Podcast 

Marvel – TV, Movies & Games

  • Deadpool 3 R-rating 
  • Moon Knight
    • Ethan Hawke 
    • May Calamawy 
  • Thoughts on WandaVision 

DC – TV, Movies & Games 

  • Snyder Cut
    • Martian Manhunter – harry lennix confirms
    • A movie once again
  • Titans – Savannah Welch is Barbara Gordon 
  • Black Mask coming to Batwoman s2
  • Arrowverse Xover cxl 
  • BTAS sequel in the works 

SW – TV, Movies & Games

    • No K-2SO (for now) in Andor S1
  • Ubisoft SW Game
  • HR character intros 
  • Skywalker: Family at War book


  • Image
    • More The Old Guard
    • The Silver Coin horror anthology
  • Marvel
    • Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow (what if?)
    • Venom 200 
  • DC
    • New series
      • The Next Batman: Second Son digital first, Ridley & Nguyen 4/6
      • Batman: The Dark Knight mini series 4/13
      • Robin (Damian) ongoing 4/27
    • DCU Infinite OUT NOW. To include Vertigo and BL.



  • Mythic Legions: War of the Aetherblade campaign


  • Paramount+ 3/4
  • Jon M Chu departs Willow
  • The Muppet Show D+ 2/19
  • Saved by the Bell S2 greenlit 


  • Brendan Fraser joins The Whale 
  • First look Mortal Kombat and Synopsis
  • Willy Wonka origin movie for WB


  • Bethesda Indiana Jones
  • New Mario themed switch
  • Resident Evil Showcase
    • ‘Village’ out 5/7. Preorder now. PS4 – PS5 upgrade.
    • Stand alone demo out now


  • Prime 1 – ⅓ scale Grim Knight 
  • McFarlane Batman Beyond wave
  • Super 7 Conan
  • LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith
  • QmX Qfig 
    • Jack Burton
    • Darkwing Duck
  • EXO-6 Star Trek license
  • Hot Toys Darktrooper


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