Chris and Casey are shocked and chagrined that they’ve been on the podcast for 90 episodes! That’s pretty fantastic and because of it, they celebrate with talking geeky pop culture. Wait, that’s what they do EVERY episode? Oh that’s right, well enjoy another round of it!

Episode Notes:


  • Matthew & Ryan Firpo to pen Eternals movie
    • Introduced in 1976 by legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby, the Eternals are super-powered evolutionary offshoot of humanity.
  • Agents of Shield renewed for 6th season summer 2019
  • Ms Marvel coming to MCU
  • Deadpool 2 reviews


  • RIP Margot Kidder
  • Doom Patrol on DC Universe
  • First look at Outsiders from YJ
  • Gotham S5 is the last




  • G. Del Tori’s 10 After Midnight Netflix
  • Deadly Class first look


  • Bohemian Rhapsody trailer
  • Snake Eyes movie in the works
  • Zombieland 2 – maybe 10/2019
  • Chris Evans joins Neill Blomkamp’s Greenland
  • Milla Jovovich in Monster Hunter movie
  • Escape Plan 2

Video Games

  • Sony ends production of physical VITA games
  • Rage 2

Star Wars

  • Favreau show is post Rotj 7 years
  • Han solo reviews
    • Jonathan kasdan reveals Anthony Daniels is a wookie in Solo
  • Lando spin-off?


  • Deadpool 2 hot toys
  • Funko 5 Star – new line

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