Hello Space Panda? It’s me Felicity.

The boys are back for another geek fest this episode brought to you by the power of alcohol. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse for the episode but we’re letting you enjoy it regardless!


***Steve Ditko passes away at age 90


  • Maria Melnik (American Gods) to write Faith script for SONY
  • Bloodshot movie to start filming aug


  • Ant-Man/Wasp $160m ww, 76 dom
  • Sam Jackson & Clark Greg de-aged 25 yrs and filming ended for Cap Marvel


Seamus Dever cast as Trigon in Titans

  • Birds of Prey filming starts soon
    • Wants diversity in the cast




  • Halo greenlit by Showtime for 2019
  • Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow) joins Watchmen
  • Aliens TV show?
  • Netflix CGI Ultraman Anime
  • Netflix Castlevania S2 this October


  • Idris Elba to join F&F spinoff?
  • John Wick Parabellum
  • Gundam movie coming from Legendary
  • Child’s Play reboot
    • Nothing to do with Don mancini and Brad Dourif
  • Alan Taylor Sopranos prequel ‘The Many Saints of Newark’


  • Ascender coming from Dustin Ngyuen and Jeff Lemire
  • Boom putting out more firefly comics


  • Keri Russell to join ep 9?


  • LEGO Ideas Voltron. Aug 1. $180
  • DC Collectibles Justice League animated


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