Chris and Casey are pretty fired up this week with the amount of geeky news that they’re ready to share with all of you. Things get HEATED and we’re happy to have you join us on this weird and wild episode.

Towelite Talk Ep.#94


  • Toby Kebbel as Axe in Bloodshot


  • Disney buys Fox for 71B+
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home?
  • The Eternals to explore the history of the MCU
  • Antman & wasp early reactions positive, funny
  • Silk movie from Sony
  • Jared Leto as Morbius for Sony


  • Reeves Batman to be younger. Movie is a reboot but set in DCCU?
  • First look at Kristen Wiig in WW84
  • Big announcement from DC Universe later today
  • Wan to produce and write first episode of Swamp Thing
  • Walmart “Giant-Size” 100 pg collections. BMB & King to write exclusive stories




  • CBS & Alex Kurtzman to produce more shows in the Star Trek universe. Rumors of Patrick Stewart returning
  • Child’s Play teaser
  • Nightbreed SYFY
  • Jeremy Irons cast in lead role for Watchmen
  • LA Finest series order  from Charter Communications


  • New Predator trailer
  • JC tweeted he’s working on halloween score
  • Steven S Deknight signs multi-year deal with Netflix
  • Alien Fan-Films incoming

Video games

  • new Telltale engine coming soon
  • PlayStation Hits
  • ToeJam and Earl return Fall 2018 in ‘Back in the Groove’ adult swim and HumaNature studios


  • A Star Wars story films on hold
  • Obi Wan ep9?


  • SDCC HT Anakin
  • HT Arkham Origins Deathstroke
  • ⅙ Bloodshot from TBLeague
  • Mezco Summer exclusives

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