Star Wars Rogue One is hitting theaters today and it’s going to blow the collective minds of Chris and Casey; at least that’s what they believe. They decide to get on the mic and talk about it and add in a little Rogue One Catalyst by James Luceno flavor for good measure. Take a listen to the geekliest good time around below!

Show Notes:

Episode VIII

  • Rey Obi Wan’s  grand kid AND Luke’s daughter
  • Rumor is Obi and Satine make Sabine. Sabine and luke make Rey
  • Do we see an episode 8 trailer in R1

Catalyst by James Luceno (Tarkin, Darth Maul Saboteur, New Jedi Order, Labyrinth of Evil, Darth Plageous, ETC)

  • Favorite character
  • Worldbuilding
    • Saw Guerra
    • Kyber crystals
    • Tarkin
    • Talk of vader
  • Throwbacks to the prequels …time period, characters, Chris: i.e. outbound flight.
  • What’s it mean for Rogue One


Rogue One

  • Thoughts on no crawl
  • Character in rogue one you’re looking forward to
  • From reddit the following will show up in R1: Tarkin, Dadonna, Leia, Droids
    • Could ewan show up in rogue one
    • Do we see the emperor
  • Who lives, who dies
    • Will Vader kill krennic
    • Krennic missing from that chair in ANH round table
  • Does rebels have anything to do with the movie. Heras ship the ghost
  • Is there anything in this movie that could make it your favorite Star Wars film.
  • Percentage that rogue one is better made than force awakens
  • Have you purchased anything from the film: books, toys, clothes?
  • Reviews of the movie 84% on RT

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