Hey Towelites! Chris and Casey are back with some geekly news for your listening pleasures. Wipe the gravy crust out of your ears and get ready!!

Episode Notes


  • Jude Law Cpt MarVell
  • Axel Alonso replaced by CB Cebulski as editor
  • James Franco in talks for Multiple Man movie
  • 3 more days til Infinity War trailer after footage leaks online
  • New look at characters on Variety covers shows cap clean shaven in Winter Soldier outfit
  • Punisher


  • DC Doomsday
  • justice league likely won’t top 600M
  • Fans wanting EE
  • Official Look at Deathstroke
  • Kreisberg kicked off CW from scandals
  • Harley Quinn animated coming to DC streaming
  • Crisis on Earth X starts


Star Wars

  • crystal foxes known as Vulpex
  • New Hope Vader SHF up for preorder 11/28

Everything else

  • new hit girl comic coming. Second arc from Kevin Smith
  • New Kick Ass comic coming
  • Incredibles 2 trailer
  • Danger girl rights acquired by Constantin Films for tv and movies
  • MARIO Films planned with Illumination (minions) studio
  • Black Mirror S4 trailer of episode Arkangel dir by Jodie Foster

Pursuit of Plastic

  • Mezco
  • Joker DX figure
  • Thor and Hulk Ragnarok
  • Aquaman

Site redux coming

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