Dave is here. We used to have a podcast together called Those Geeks You Know. We don’t anymore. Doesn’t matter because he’s on this one and we geeked the funk out about a lot of geeky news. Take a listen and enjoy!

Show Notes

Everything Else

Bill Paxton RIP

Oscars screw up

Alien covenant trailer

Joe Carnahan wrote scripts for uncharted film and new mutants film both Hard R


  • X world
  • LEGION is amazing
  • Simon Kinberg confirms FF will not return to screen until they get it right
  • New guardians trailer
  • Logan rave reviews
  • Inhumans cast
    • Maximus iwan rheon game of thrones, misfits, black bolt cast hell on wheels, medusa (girl from tron legacy)


  • Suicide squad oscar
  • Concept art is suicide squad with batman and joker meeting
  • Black lightning cast
  • Black mask bad guy in Gotham city sirens
  • Wonder Woman screening went well
  • Matt reeves is directing batman
  • Zack Snyder said JL trailer coming soon
  • Alien Green Lantern going to be in JL?
    • Will Nightwing be in it?
    • Nightwing movie announced form Chris McKay
    • Is he armie hammer?
    • What’s this mean for Titans?


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