Hey Towelites! Another great week of collectible news and reveals from some of our favorite companies featuring some of our favorite characters! Check out this week’s round-up below!

Mezco One:12 Collective Spider-Man Homecoming

The second figure to be announced this month by Mezco as they continue to grow their amazing One:12 Collective line. The third Spider-man to join the line-up, this time around we get the awesome Stark Tech suit Spidey from this summer’s hit Spider-Man: Homecoming. Head on over to Mezco’s official page to preorder yours today.

Captain Rex 6″ Black Series Hascon Exclusive

This is one figure that I can’t wait to get my collective hands on. My favorite character from The Clone Wars animated series, Captain Rex finally gets the 6 inch treatment. Hasbro will be featuring a special edition of the figure in exclusive packaging, with the regular version being released sometime in the near future. I hope that we see some more figures from the cartoons done in this more realistic style, the Rebels ones have been pretty great.

Funko Teen Titans Go! Rock Candy & Mystery Minis

Love this show and I love the crap out of those Mystery Minis! Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to hunt down all of the exclusives and the fact that they include Deathstroke, Terra, Trigon and even Rose, it is super frustrating to know that if I started down the dark path to chasing these down it may be expensive. God damn you Funko as usual.

Kotobukiya Super Sons Robin & Ace the Bat-hound ArtFX+

As a big fan of this line of statues, it is interesting to see one feature Ace the bat-hound. There is a companion piece to this featuring Jonathan Kent and Krypto so don’t plan on just picking one up, especially if you’re a fan of the Super Sons comic. Add these statues to your collection early next year.