I remember when Funko first showed off action figures in the 1/12th scale, they were the Game of Thrones series and it was badass. Though the line had some growing pains, we have seen some pretty amazing figures coming from the company. Now this fall Funko will stretch its wings and move into the world of video game action figures and the first wave is an awesome choice and assortment. Check out the Legacy figures featuring characters from the hit video games Skyrim and Fallout! Now all we need are some Borderlands Legacy figures!

Legacy: Skyrim

Funko Legacy 02 Funko Legacy 01The warriors of Skyrim are now Legacy figures!

Dovahkiin, the legendary Dragonborn,
comes with multiple swords and iron shield!

The powerful Daedric Warrior wears heavy armor
crafted of ebony ingots and Daedra hearts!

Coming in November!

Legacy: FalloutFunko Legacy 04 Funko Legacy 03

Fallout Legacy figures are coming just in time for Fallout 4!

The Lone Wanderer, from Fallout 3, is ready
to take on the post-nuclear wasteland!

Add the Power Armor figure for tougher battles!

Coming in November!