Just when you thought that you had enough exclusive figures to hunt down to complete your NECA Aliens and Predator collections, guess again!

NECA has announced that they will be producing a cloaked version of the Scar Predator from Alien vs Predator. Following the releases of both the masked and the unmasked version of this monster, the cloaked Scar with a temple hologram accessory will be available during the big show at their booth. Scar joins Newt on the list of figures that I will have to most likely make my way to NYCC to get my collective hands on them.

Also hitting Toys R Us stores later this summer will be a thermal version of the Xenomorph Warrior from AvP! Very similar to the previously released Dutch figure, the Alien will be featured in all green seeing that it doesn’t emit any body heat! This figure also GLOWS IN THE DARK!! Mind blown.

Check out the official images below and happy hunting!