Hello and welcome back to another edition of Towelite Toy Chest! How have your pursuits of plastic been treating you this week? Show us your hauls on Instagram by using the Hashtag #DFATOWEL, we would love to see your finds! Well let’s jump into the news and see what hot collectibles will be finding a way to your shelf soon! 

The onslaught of merchandise has begun for the new Star Wars film, SOLO: A Star Wars Story. I showed off some of Funko’s stuff earlier this week but there’s so much more! Personally I am a big fan of Bandai‘s Figuarts but as you all know it’s not super easy to get your hands on these figures. You have to order them from import sites but you know what I’m not complaining. What I am complaining about is the fact that Bandai used so many previously sculpted parts to make the new Chewbacca and Mimban Trooper figures. Where the heck is Han and more importantly where the heck is my Donald Glover Lando!! The Chewbacca is as good looking as his predecessor, I do like the new look for him but it will be tough for me to justify spending my hard earned dollars on these premium action figures. Check out the official photos below, you’ll see that both are cool looking but you’ll notice what I’m talking about if you are a FA collector.

On the other side of the Bandai collecting fence, there will be a pretty epic looking 1/144 scale Millennium Falcon model kit. I wish that I had more time in my life for these, I still really want that Grevious and I bought a Slave One kit at Celebration this year. Ugh, maybe I’ll dust it off and get going on it so I can justify purchasing this cool as hell looking model!

Speaking of Disney franchises, Marvel Studios has been around for 10 years! In just a couple weeks we will see Avengers 3 aka Infinity War take over at the box office. We all have been following along with the narrative and the characters have grown in our hearts, especially this guy. Check out your official look at the upcoming Hot Toys Captain America. Make sure you pick the right one because the “Movie Promo Edition” will include a mystery weapon which will be revealed I’m sure after the movie hits and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be his new shield a suped up with Vibranium and Adamantium, oh wait is it 2019 yet? Never mind, VIBRANIUM!! For now those nifty arm-shield daggers or whatever the heck they are will have to do. SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A SHIELD!! 

I’m not one for hyping up Hasblo, but I will admit that they are doing a better job with Legends and Black Series. Though I’m pretty sure that Disney has threatened at some point to take away the Star Wars license from them (which we can only pray happens and they spread the wealth). Nonetheless, I have broken down and started collecting the pretty awesome Fantastic Four figures that they have been putting out. Here are some official images of The Thing (previously announced) and we get a good look at the packaging and the extras. I am very happy that Hasbro has decided to include extra hands and a head. This is something that good toy companies do and it looks like they are taking a step in the right direction, for once.

This is going to be a hard figure for me to NOT get. Seeing that Batman is my favorite superhero and I have collected a crap ton of collectibles based on the Dark Knight, the Revoltech figure looks frickin amazing! Check out the painted prototype in the photos below and prepare to start drooling on how awesome the cape looks!!

Here’s something for you rich collectors. Sideshow is releasing a Premium Format Figure of Daredevil and I’ll probably have to rob a bank, because I want it. Preorders began yesterday so get your butt and 600 bucks over to Sideshow and pick up one of the two versions NOW!


Whew! That’s a lot of collectibles! One more thing before I check out, April 26th A.K.A. Alien Day, is fast approaching so keep your collective eyes peeled for announcements and exclusives from all of your favorite companies!! **UPDATE! Head on over to Bloody Disgusting for a comprehensive list of participating companies!