Towelites! It’s been quite in toy news so let’s get to it shall we?!


First up, one of the strangest Mezco One:12 Collective action figures to date has FINALLY gone up for preorder. We saw the Popeye One:12 at last years Toy Fair and it is now available. I like the dark and dingy look that Mezco has given the figure and I am very tempted to get my collective hands on it. Popeye is currently available on the official Mezco website, Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!


Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite Star Wars character and I knew it wouldn’t be to long until the Hot Toys Ep 3 version was available after the announcement of Anakin Skywalker. Well young(er) Ben is now available on the official Sideshow website and in an amazing deluxe version to boot! Head on over to Sideshow to order the version that fits your needs and even check out the mythos figure!

Some of NECA’s best lines their Gremlins series and we are finally getting an Ultimate version of the main antagonist of the original movie, Stripe. Teased by NECA earlier this week, this news sent fanboys into a frenzy! Check out the amazing prototype!

ReAction figures have always been a personal favorite of mine and I love that Super7 is leading the pack with this line. I love that they are tackling the original Planet of the Apes and we can only hope that we see some more amazing products headed our way from that amazing franchise. Get on over to the official site for more information on what’s to come!

ALSO if you are headed to Power-Con or you are a collector of Super 7’s Club Grayskull (Filmation) figures, the exclusives this year will include Spikor and a two-pack of Dree Elle & Uncle Montork (both will be available for $50). Get ready to get yours online if you aren’t attending the show!


Well I didn’t think that this was going to happen but leave it to Star Wars fans to make it happen. Hasbro’s massive Jabba’s Sail Barge has been fully funded and now the many geeks that ordered this amazing product have lost a little bit of their home space. The campaign is now over and the only way you are getting your hands on this beast is if Hasbro decides to make it available again OR on the secondary market (good luck with that). Congrats to all of you who backed it, we can’t wait to see those pics!

Star Wars Toys CR: Hasbro


Last thing today, C2E2 is on the way this weekend and if you are headed to the show please enjoy! Keep it tuned to DFAT for all of your collectible and geek news update from Chicago!