Towelites! I’m trying something new this week! I will be doing a photography series for Figures in Action Photography based on the amazing LEGO Super Heroes series! Let me know what you think of this new venture, shoot me some feedback, even let me know what you would like to see!

Green Arrow is one of my favorite superheroes. LEGO Green Arrow SDCCArrow is one of my favorite TV shows. So naturally I wanted the perfect Green Arrow LEGO Minifigure to add to my DC Comics Super Heroes collection.

Previously the only Green Arrow MF that you could get your hands on was the exclusive from SDCC 2013. I had the opportunity to get an import version of the figure on Ebay. This was really my only option as I have seen the SDCC one listed at ridiculous prices like $500. Yeah, I don’t think so. The set I ordered actually came with some amazing characters, of which I’m sure will show up in future shoots. The latest release of DC Comics LEGOs featured a new Green Arrow MF which is based on the New 52 look. Oliver tends to not wear his hood so much, so LEGO did something pretty cool and gave us an accessory that sits on his shoulders and looks like a crumpled up hood. So with my customizing powers I took the very cool looking bootleg and crossed it over with the newer version. Of course I had to farm some pieces from other figures, but hey all’s fair in war and customization! Let’s take a look at the build!

010614 Arrow LEGO Custom 01

  • Head – Both. The smirk on the bootleg cracks me up. But I like angry Oliver as well.

  • Hood – Both but definitely up!

  • Bow – Import, The darker color works better.

  • Torso – LEGO. There’s a lot more detail with the official piece.

  • Legs – Import. Funny thing about this is that the bootleg version takes after the original that had the armored legs. I really like that design.

  • Arms – Hydra goon. Though I also have a Riddler from the Flash race set that will work as well. Any dark green will do. 

  • Hands – Import. Matching up to the dark green arms.

Put them together and what do you get?

010614 Arrow LEGO Custom 08

A pretty sweet custom LEGO Arrow figure!010614 Arrow LEGO Custom 09

The Arrow takes on some thugs!

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The Brave and the Bold010614 Arrow LEGO Custom 27