I’m pretty excited because next week I will be headed to NECA‘s HQ to meet up for a tour with Randy Falk. So look forward for a special edition of The Toy Chest coming in the next couple weeks! Speaking of NECA, they will be going back to toy shelves of old as series 13 of their super popular Predators line returns with some awesome new throwbacks!

It’s time to open up The Toy Chest!

NECA Predator Series 13 Kenner 01
NECA Predators Series 13 (from left to right):  Cracked Tusk Predator, Renegade Predator, Scavage Predator

NECA says:

The 13th series of our longest running figure collection is an homage to the classic Kenner Expanded Universe Predators of the early 1990s! Renegade, Cracked Tusk and Scavage all appeared in the original Alien vs. Predator comic book pack-in included with their classic Kenner figures. Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has applied modern sculpting, detail and articulation to upgrade these vintage Predators for the new millennium.

  • Renegade comes with all new weapons based on the original Kenner designs.
  • Cracked Tusk comes with spear and throwing disc accessories.
  • The tallest of the trio, Scavage comes with a removable mask.

These highly detailed figures stand approximately 8″ tall and feature over 25 points of articulation.

You’ve read our articles from both Toy Fair and NYCC this year, so you shouldn’t be a stranger to these amazing figures, but if not check out our coverage from both of the shows. NECA does not disappoint when it comes to my two favorite lines from them, but I am itching for some Kenner Alien figures! Or how about a AvP two-pack?!

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane with these classic figures. I put together these collages to show off what the original Kenner figure looked like. I think that NECA does MORE than an amazing job paying homage these classic characters. Look for the Renegade Predator to be presented in his green colors, which was one of the variants for the original figure. At NYCC Randy told me there was a chance that we will see the brown variant perhaps in 2-pack form!

Renegade PredatorKenner Renegade Predator collage
Cracked Tusk PredatorKenner Cracked Tusk Predator collage
Scavage PredatorKenner Scavage Predator collage

Series 13 preorders are starting to open up around the internets so keep it tooned here for updates! Look for them to start popping up in stores early to mid 2015!