Have you been wanting a LEGO Star Wars Slave I to add to your collection? Well LEGO has the solution for you!!

It’s time to open up The Toy Chest!

LEGO is set to release a “super-sized” version of the famous starship, The Slave I! Boba’s Fett‘s classic ship will be released as part of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series. The Slave I will be priced at $199.99 and features close to 2000 pieces!

The only thing that I have against this set is the number of minifigures included in the set. Of course Boba is there, but besides him you get Han, Han in Carbonite, a Bespin security guard, and a Stormtrooper. Four figures? Come on LEGO! I know that the ship is extra big and looks to be a beautiful set, but how about throwing us a bone at that price point! At least hook it up with a NEW Lando figure, or how about Lobot!!LEGO LobotOr even a couple extra army figures (i.e. another Stormtrooper or two/Bespin Guards).

Nonetheless, this set looks amazing! The set will be released in late 2014 and will be exclusive to the LEGO Store and the online LEGO store. What do you think Towelites?! Are you ready to throw down some of your hard earned cash on this enormous Geekly set?! Sound off in the comments!!

Thanks to Bricks and Bloks for the heads up!