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Greetings from the ToyChest Towelites! Another Toyfair has come and gone and we have gotten some great sneak peaks of what’s to come this year! Just when you think you’ve seen it all our favorite companies come up with some of the sweetest swag to rock the pegs! 2013 into 2014 may be one of the biggest years for action figures yet! Here are my favorites of the lot!

Mattel Masters of the Universe

Toy Guru and Mattel showed off the first prototype for the upcoming Castle Grayskull playset and man is it massive!! Here are a couple pics and specs courtesy of!

castle grayskull 1 castle grayskull 2

Here’s what Castle Grayskull will include:

Main Pieces:

2 wall facades (each with secret door)

3 base plates (snap together)

2 floor plates

2 dungeon walls

1 elevator platform

2 elevator walls

1 turret addition (point dread)

1 carrying handle (removeable)




Dungeon door (opens)


Trap door (opens with candle stand)

Candel stand

Gun turret

Jaw bridge (opens)

Weapons rack (small)

Extra weapons:

Vikor axe

He-Man shield

Weapons pack rifle

Demo-Man mace

New assault rifle

Wrist cuffs (attach to figures and wall)

Door on top of Grayskull head (holds orb)

Combat trainer (2 pieces, and spins)

Armored figure (mostly resuse parts, b-sheet to follow)

Spirit of Castle Grayskull SLUGG (clear)

Pawn crown top (removeable)

Castle Grayskull is up for pre-order one more time at, get your now because there is no guarantee that this awesome set will be available at this price on release day or EVEN AT ALL! So don’t miss out!


Mattel DC Universe Classics and Watchmen

Some exciting figures are on their way to us at retail and through the sub this year! The new reveals include Damian Wayne Robin, a new version of Batman Beyond, Fire (CIE), and crazy Watchmen The Comedian (CBF) and more! check out these photos courtesy of!




Mattel 1966 Batman TV Show

Holy molded plastic Batman!! The license for the 1966 Batman TV series has finally been released to companies and Mattel is going to BAT (HAHA)! Check out these great reveals including The Riddler, Robin, Batman (in packaging), and The Batmobile!!!!  Oh and don’t worry fans, Caeser Romero’s Joker is on the way, with mustache!!



Hasbro Marvel Comics

Hasbro has been a little lackluster with its Marvel Legends as of late, but this time around we are seeing some great characters getting the treatment! The hardest thing is seeing that Rocket Raccoon is only available as a build a figure! Not nice Hasbro! Also Hasbro showed off the Thor: The Dark World series, and also some of their new 3.75″ figs! Rogue is getting the love this time around, available in her current outfit in Marvel Legends form and the Jim Lee look in MU 3.75 inch! Bout time!

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Stay tooned 😛