Square-Enix may be best known for its long running Final Fantasy series, however it also puts out a slew of equally as awesome RPGS such as Star Ocean, Parasite Eve, and the Mana series. Now it seems that a new entry in the latter is headed our way, as Square has trademarked the name Circle of Mana . Nothing else is known but as a long time RPG nut i have been playing the Mana series for years, and more of it can’t be a bad thing in my book!

Along with the aforementioned trademark, Square also filed Trademarks for Wizardlings, Agent 47 and Ultima Box. Wizardlings is most likely a new IP for Square, Agent 47 is the name of the main character in the Hitman series, and Ultima Box may just refer to the recently announced Final Fantasy box set!

New games from Square can be bad thing, so check back at DAFT for more updates as they become available! Big thanks to Gematsu for the heads up!

~ The OX