Oh hey Towelites! How have you all been? I’m pretty excited to share with you another rousing edition of Trailers Galore today! I feel like it’s been a little too long. Let’s see, on the menu today we have: Schwarzenegger Gone Wild, a man that is born to Protect, the undead, and maybe a tad bit more. Check out the great footage from Hollywood and beyond, below!

First up, we have another trailer from Muppets Most Wanted. I’m still on the fence about this film. I love the Muppets, but this one doesn’t seem to have the same heart as the first flick. It doesn’t mean I won’t be seeing it, but they’ve got a lot to do to impress me.

Next, we have Tony Jaa’s new feat of legend in The Protector 2. This guy’s hands are on fire! Ticket please!

I’ve been a long time fan of the Castlevania series. I mean, they were ballsy enough to name a vampire Dracula spelled backwards and he’s one of the best characters in video game history! The newest game, Lords of Shadow 2, is a sequel that looks to up all the amazing things from the original.

Schwarzenegger is slowly making his way back to Box Office super-stardom. Not bad for a dude that’s pushing 70. His latest, Sabotage, looks like it’ll make a decent enough action movie. It won’t shape the history of cinema, but until we see King Conan, this will do.

That’s it for this edition of Trailers Galore! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I can’t wait to share more fantastic teasers and tidbits as they come in to DFAT!