Hey Towelites! Welcome to this week’s edition of Trailers Galore! Today, we’re going to share some clips from the Muscles from Brussels, a bunch of retired old assassins, the Men in Black rip-off film, and many more! Check out the clips below!

First up, we have the newest trailer from Matt Damon and Neil Blomkamp’s, Elysium. If you were even semi-interested from the teaser, this full-length trailer will blow your mind. The film opens on August 9th.

I’m not sure if Ryan Reynolds or Jeff Bridges have seen Men in Black, but they should know that they are pretty much just making that movie over again with R.I.P.D. The international trailer below looks just as generic as a movie could get, unless this was 20 years ago and MIB didn’t exist. The film opens July 19th.

Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp no doubt have another hit on their hands with The Lone Ranger. It’s all the fun of the pirates movies, but set in the Old West. Below is a featurette on how it was to train the cast to work with horses and lassos. The Lone Ranger hits theatres on July 3rd.

Remember when people went to the theatre to see Jean-Claude Van Damme kick someone in the face? Yeah, that was a long time ago. Now, he’s doing direct-to-video stuff about aliens. That’s about it. Check out his film, Alien Uprising, in the trailer below.

I had just gotten used to Michael Cera being George Michael Bluth again, when the trailer for Magic Magic hit. The film shows a much darker side for him and it creeped me out. The film is due out sometime soon, but only direct-to-dvd.

Finally, we have two tv spots from Red 2. The film looks just as funny and action-packed as the previous film, and I can’t wait to see where this franchise goes. The movie opens July 19th.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Trailer Galore. Stay Tuned to DFAT for more great clips from Hollywood next week!