Hey Towelites!

Another week, another bunch of new teasers and trailers to show off to you! Today, we have a mix of everything from Waterpark hi-jinx, to alien footage, to everyone’s favorite Wolfpack! Take a look below for some of the best footage to come out this week!

First up, we have a full-length trailer for The Hangover III. We finally get to see what the film is all about, and I think it’s a pretty hilarious premise. The boys have to track down Chow because he stole money from John Goodman. Their adventures take them from Tijuana, back to Vegas. Looks like a heck of a ride! Hangover III is due out May 24th.

Next, we have a summer dramedy starring Steve Carrell and Sam Rockwell called, Way, Way Back. Looks like it’ll be a good coming-of-age movie from the writers of The Descendants. Way, Way Back is due out July 5th.

One trailer that I overlooked last week was, The Purge. The film stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. In the film, the world is a relatively safe place, except once a year, for 12 hours, the government allows people to get everything “out of their” system and go crazy. The couple gets trapped in the house as killers come searching for someone the couple accidentally let in their home. The trailer looks crazy! The Purge will be out May 31st.

There’s rarely a Morgan Freeman movie that I don’t enjoy, and Now You See Me looks like another hit. The film is about a bunch of magician bank robbers. What else do you even need to know? The movie opens May 31st.

I’ve always been a big fan of the idea of aliens. It’s rididculous to think that we’re the only intelligient beings in the galaxy and the documentary, Sirius, explores the fact. They also touch upon the science of inter-galactic space travel and how feasible it is for aliens to visit Earth. Hope they don’t forget to bring a towel!

Finally, we have our first look at the CBS mini-series of Under the Dome. From horror-master Stephen King, the show will center around the inhabits of a small town that gets completely incased by an invisible dome. As per usual with King, it looks super creepy.

That’s this week’s edition for Trailers Galore! Keep checking back to DFAT for more great trailers and clips!