Ahoy Towelites! We’re back with another fantastic edition of Trailers Galore! What do we have on the menu today eh? Well, our first look at the poor man’s Jason Statham, what Eric Bana does when Mark Ruffalo’s taking all the good gigs, our viral video tapes, and much more! Let’s get right back to it!

First up, TNT is making a tv series for The Transporter and we’re finally getting a trailer. The tv shows looks as expected when you try to dumb down anything that Luc Besson does, boring.

Will Forte is: The Last Man on Earth. He’s also McGruber, but in his newest film he’s pulling his latest Yorck impression and it looks pretty darned funny. Check out the first trailer for his tv show.

M. Night Shyamalan has a bit of a checkered past. For every 6th Sense, is a Last Airbender. His newest foray into the realm of creepy is an upcoming tv show called Wayward Pines. The trailer has me excited, but then, so do all of Shyamalan’s trailers.

Deliver Us From Evil looks like it’s going to be a take on Se7en, but then it looks like a crazy possession movie, all of it combined is just out-of-control crazy and has me super intrigued. Eric Bana stars in the flick and he’s doing a pretty great job trying to keep it all together as a detective and a father amongst all the scary stuff being thrown his way. The movie is due out July 2nd.

One of the movies I’m most excited about this year, but no absolutely nothing about, is the upcoming sequel by the Farrelly Brothers, Dumb and Dumber To. We’re not expected to see a real trailer until A Million Ways to Die in the West, but in the meantime we have a little teaser.

Finally, we have the third installment in the Thrillogy for V/H/S. The film is titled V/H/S Viral and looks to be everything that I enjoyed from the second movie, with  none of that boring crap from the first one.