Lots of fun stuff to share with you kiddos today! We have a mix of genres ranging from cartoons, to science fiction, to Channing Tatum‘s rippling abs. Check out all the trailer and tv-spots below and enjoy!

First up, is from the kids over at Pixar. We have another tv spot for Monster’s University which opens June 21st.

Keeping with the animation theme, we get a tv spot for the upcoming, Despicable Me 2. The spot was for the Kids Choice Awards and is filled with hot air. The film arrives July 3rd.

Since, Channing Tatum happens to be in any more lately, hows about another one. White House Down is basically the same thing as Olympus Has Fallen, but with different actors. The movie also stars Jamie Foxx and comes out on June 28th.

We haven’t heard too much from Baz Luhrman‘s, The Great Gatsby, but since the film is coming out this summer, they are finally kicking up the adverstising for the film. Here’s the first tv spot. The movie is FINALLY comes out May 10th.

Adam Wingard has recently made a name for himself by contributing the horror anthologies like the V/H/S films and the ABC’s of Death. He’s now branched out to his first stand-alone film, You’re Next. Looks creepy as heck and finally a place to truly show off his talent. Can’t wait to see this on August 23rd.

Finally, the third flick in Richard Linklater‘s ‘Before’ films, Before Midnight. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are back and the film has gotten a lot of good buzz since it’s premiere at Sundance. It’s finally getting a studio release on May 24th.

There ya have it Towelites! A smattering of trailers for ya! Stay Tuned for next week’s edition of Trailers Galore for even more clips and trailers on the inter webs!