As the time for Summer Blockbusters come to an end, we are faced with a lot of horror, oscar, and every movie in between. Below, we have trailers from The Conjurings childhood doll, Nicolas Cage with hair, and a planet on the brink of disaster. Check them out!

The first Woman in Black film didn’t do much to impress me. I liked that Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t Harry Potter and that it was a Hammer Film; but I enjoyed little else. I guess I was in the minority as they have made a sequel called: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. The film still looks horrible.The film is due out Feb. 13th, 2015.

Nicolas Cage is a lot like Christopher Walken, if you put a script in front of them, they will act in it. Outcast will put the actor in a situation where he has long hair and tries to desperately pull off a British accent. It doesn’t work out to well, and adding Hayden Christensen to the mix isn’t doing the filmmakers any favors. Outcast is due out Feb. 27th, 2015.

I was absolutelly horrified by Annabelle when she made her appearance in The Conjuring. I hate dolls and she is the creepiest of them all. They decided to give her, her own film and the first trailer was less than thrilling. I think they got some feedback because this new footage has me wanting to sleep with the lights on. The movie creeps its way into theatres on October 3rd.

Jake Gyllenhal is one of those actors who is fun to watch. He will get outside of his comfort zone and always gives it 100%. Heck, I’m one of the few people who owns Prince of Persia on blu-ray. His newest film is echoing back to his times on Zodiac as he plays on investigative journalist in the thrilling, Nightcrawler. No bampfs here, just blood. Nightcrawler opens on Halloween.

You can watch Michael Shannon at the screen for two hours and it would be one of the best movies of that year. Add him to a dystopian future where he plays the father of a family struggling to survive a waterless wasteland; and you’ve got Oscar potential. The film is called Young Ones, and it will be out on October 17th.

That’s it for the latest and potentially greatest trailers for some flicks coming to theatres in the near future. Stay Tooned for next time, when we drop another edition of Trailers Galore!