Lots of great stuff to share with you Towelites from the world of Trailers Galore! We have a man and his giant boat, a girl with separation anxiety, an American car in Italy, and more! Check out the trailers below!

First up, we have the newest trailer from Wes Anderson and Prada. The short stars Jason Schwartzman as an American race car driver in Italy in 1955. It’s called Castello Cavalcanti, and it’s brilliant.

Divergent is that movie that Shailene Woodley opted to take after getting dumped from Amazing Spider-Man 2, or at least thats what I theorize. This second trailer doesn’t do anything else to make me wanna see this film, but I’ve heard the books are amazing. The movie is coming out March 21st, 2014.

American Horror Story: Coven is becoming my favorite season so far. It’s super creepy and well-written, and I love all the characters. One amazing creature is the Minotaur, and the featurette below show’s how they make him. Check it out!

Spike Lee’s Oldboy is on it’s way and I’m really excited to see how this American reboot holds up to the original. All the footage I’ve seen so far lets me think that star Josh Brolin and Lee are heading on the right path. Below, is another preview for the film.

Finally, we have a trailer for Charles de Lauzirika’s directorial debut, Crave. It’s a mix between Pan’s Labyrinth and Dexter and looks pretty fantastic. It hits VOD and theaters on December 6th.

That’s it for this edition of Trailers Galore everyone! Hope you enjoyed all the amazing trailers! Til next time, Towelites!