It seems like there’s a lot of trailers out lately for the Spring of 2013 films that are coming out. Instead of just making individual articles, I thought I’d make it easy to find a bunch of them in the same spot! You’re welcome. Below, there are the newest trailers for Oblivion, Oz the Great and Powerful, Olympus Has Fallen, and The Erased. Seems like Hollywood is trying to beat it’s 2012 Box Office records by pushing out as many films as possible, who am I to complain? Check out the trailers below!

It doesn’t seem we can go a week without an Oz the Great and Powerful trailer. The newest one is only a minute long, but we see a little bit more of the action in the film. Let’s hope that Sam Raimi shows off some of his weird camera-angles in the battles! Oz will be out March 8th.

oz the great and powerful 1

I’m still not too convinced about the latest Tom Cruise film, Oblivion. I will tell you that there is not ONE Cruise movie that I don’t enjoy, so I’ll see it based on that fact alone; but the trailers have not done anything for me. Oblivion is due out April 26th.


The Erased has been sitting on the shelves for a couple of years, and is finally seeing the light of day. Unless the film turns out to be Trick ‘R Treat, that probably isn’t a good sign. I’m a fan of Aaron Eckhart and thing the, “Ex-CIA agent that gets hunted” plot is usually entertaining. The Erased is due out May 10th.

the erased

Olympus Has Fallen looks like a Call of Duty game that I would love to play mixed with any movie starring Kurt Russell and Harrison Ford in the 90’s. Yes, it’s that good. It stars Gerard Butler as Secret Service and Aaron Eckhart as the president he must protect. Terrorists come, Butler kills. Check out the great trailer below. The film is expected for an March 22nd release.


Notice that Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart found their way in 2 of the 4 trailers? We will keep up on these trailer updates as a weekly article so you kids can find your movie news here first at DFAT!