Hey Towelites! Lots of good stuff to share with you all today! We have a ton of new movie footage coming our way today from some of the most anticipated films of the year. Take a look below at all great stuff!

First up, we have the premiere of the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer! I had been waiting for this movie since the last one ended, and am very happy that they are finally releasing it. The film is due out August 16th.

Next, another red-band trailer from This is the End. The more I see about this film, the more I get excited for it! You have all of the best ‘now’ comedians set in a post-apocalyptic world. What’s not to like? It opens June 12th.

For those of you who missed the live footage from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Peter Jackson and company has released some footage from the hour-long event. Below there is some behind-the-scenes for Smaug and Jackson teasing us on what’s to come in December!

I have been reading tidbits about Mortal Instruments: City of Bones here and there for a while now, but never really paid attention to them. I never read the book, and until now, there was no footage to get my excited. Well, now I’m pretty excited. The trailer looks pretty interesting and I’ll probably check this one out on August 23rd.

I wasn’t a first fan of the original Pineapple Express, but the upcoming sequel looks pretty hilarious. Take it with a grain of salt, since it did premiere on April Fool’s Day!

That’s it for this edition for Trailers Galore! Keep checking back to DFAT for more of your geekly news!