What do you think Towelites?! Are you having a great time this week with E3?! How have the announcements been for your favorite consoles and games?!  Today we have a look at another SLEW of trailers that have been revealed at the big show including a new chapter in the Infamous story, a new Tom Clancy adventure, a brutal Mortal Kombat comeback, a mobile Spider-Man runner, and more! Check out all of the good times below and keep it tooned here to DFAT for more updates from your favorite game companies!!


Infamous: First Light:

Grim Fandango:

Mortal Kombat X:

Metal Gears Solid: The Phantom Pain

GTAV Remastered:

Tetris Ultimate:

Mirror’s Edge 2:

Tom Clancy: The Division:

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare:

Spider-Man Unlimited: