Ahoy Towelites, we’re deep into the Summer Blockbuster season at the movies, and while we’re watching Transformers and our Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s so much more left to the year. On this edition of Trailers Galore, we have some stuff from over the pond, Bruce Willis with a chin beard, Brad Pitt riding tanks, and much more!

First up, we have The Guest. Starring Downton Abbey’s, Dan Stevens, as a house guest who quickly wears out his welcome. The movie looks like it could be interesting enough, but not a blockbuster that’s for sure. The film opens in September.

One of my favorite British tv shows is The InBetweeners. The tale of four skeevy highschoolers whose only goal in life is to get laid. The first film was an international success and this new film looks like more of the same but this time in Australia. The red band trailer looks hilarious and I can’t wait this to arrive at the States.

Keeping with the international theme, we have the international trailer for Dumb and Dumber To. It’s more of the same, but this time featuring French subtitles. I’m still on the fence on this film, but I gotta give it a chance when it comes out November 14th.

Big Tornadoes are always a good time at the movies if done right. For every Twister there’s a Slothnado waiting in the wings. Into the Storm is trying to make it stand out with it’s found footage take on the genre. We’ll have to wait til August to find out if it works.

Brad Pitt has done World War II already in Inglorious Basterds and it was a thing of beauty. In Fury, he’s taking a much more subtle approach to that time period and places him in the role of a tank commander. From the footage, it looks like he’s taking on the role perfectly. The film opens November 14th.

Finally we have The Prince. The movie follows the format of Taken, but since it’s Jason Patric in the role instead of Liam Neeson, and Bruce Willis is the kidnapper of his daughter; it’s a bit different. The film also stars John Cusack, and with those actors alone, it’s worth me checking it out on August 22nd.

That’s all we got for the moment, but Stay Tuned to DFAT for all of your upcoming trailers and clips from Hollyweird’s finest!