I was quite impressed by the DC Fandome. It was a great presentation, there were few to no technical issues and the content was outstanding. It was a tough month for the company but the future seems pretty bright and I am very excited to share these trailers.

First up, The Batman. Just wow. I’ve watched it numerous times and every time I love it just as much. The tone, the portrayals, all of it! I am VERY excited to see this new world of the Dark Knight. Colin Ferrell’s Penguin is so UNRECOGNIZABLE I had to watch it a few times to believe it. Will we finally get a faithful, more comic book-esque adaptation of Batman? We will find out next year!

The first Wonder Woman film was a real pleasant surprise. I’m a big sucker for war films and the way Patty Jenkins put it together I thought was perfect, mostly. I am excited for Wonder Woman 1984 and after the Fandome trailer, even more so. It was great to finally see Cheetah, get more of a sense of what the movie is about and why Chris Pine is in it. WW swinging on the lightning is pretty badass too. Sadly I’m not sure if I will see this in theaters…

I am a big John Ostrander fan. I have probably 98% of his Suicide Squad run in my collection. The original Suicide Squad leaves much to be desired so I was extremely excited that James Gunn had the opportunity to helm the second film. The Suicide Squad may be my most anticipated film of 2021, but after that ‘The Batman’ trailer I’m not sure anymore. James Gunn is the right director for this movie and from what we can see in the sizzle reel below, we have no idea what we are in for. Well besides a generous portion of insanity.

Then there was the previously announced Suicide Squad game that Rocksteady (Arkham series) is making. Not much to see besides an extremely entertaining cut scene. Love it and can’t wait to see some actual play footage!

Black Adam has been in the works for a VERY long time. It was recently delayed again thanks to Covid so we will not be seeing it in 2021. If it wasn’t for the fact that Dwayne Johnson is attached I’m sure it would have faded away into the nether, even with Shazam! being out there. Yet Black Adam is very much alive and this little teaser is all we get, for now.

Listen, I do want to see Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League. Do I find the whole movement for the Snyder Cut to be toxic at times? Yes. Did I dislike the version that was show in theaters? Yes. I feel it’s very insane that WB and HBO gave Zack Snyder 30 million plus dollars to complete it, but I do believe he deserves a crack at finishing what he started. We will be seeing the 4-hour film as a 4-part event on HBO Max in 2021. All I gotta say is, Darkseid is.

What did you think of DC Fandome Towelites?!