Hey Towelites! Lots of good stuff to show you from this week! We have trailers, and clips, and snippets and featurettes abound in this week’s post of Trailers Galore. Check out below to see some new stuff from Johnny Depp, Seth Green, and Tom cruise; just to name a few!

First up, is the newest international trailer to The Lone Ranger. I’m pretty pumped to check this one out. In theaters on July 3rd.


Next up, is a new one from Seth Green and Katee Sackoff called ‘Sexy Evil Genius’. The trailer is pretty intriguing. It’s coming straight to DVD on April 9th.

Ugh, the latest Scary Movie entry. I’m not sure whose going to see this movie, but here’s the newest trailer nonetheless. It’s due out April 19th.


We get a new Creature Feature called Under the Bed and looks wicked and disgusting! Below is the French trailer for the film from the director of Silent Night. Its due out this Summer.

I decided to include a couple of featurettes on one movie that looks awesome, and one movie that looks like a Live-Action Wall-E. They are Olympus Has Fallen and Oblivion. Due out March 22nd and April 19th respectively.


More Evil Dead remake footage! We got a clip from the film as well as the trailer that’s premiering at WonderCon!


Finally, a television series trailer for the new Hannibal show. I think this show might actually be pretty scary and can’t wait to see what happens with it!

hannibal poster

OK Towelites, there’s this week Trailers Galore! Stay Tuned for next week’s here at DFAT!