Last week, we showed off some of the new Autobots and a look at the Optimus Prime. I had thought that The Freightliner truck might by the new look of Optimus, but it seems that he’ll be a Decepticon instead. This leads me to believe that the new film may hint towards The Freightliner could be part of Ultramangus or Motormaster!

Michael Bay posted on his site: “The adventure continues to transform with a very different offering from Daimler Trucks North America,” the site’s official description reads. “The imposing 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner.”

Below, are some videos from Michael Bay‘s shoot in Adrian, Michigan. Bay described this scene as “a chase from hell.” Bring on the Bay-Hem!

The film stars: Mark Wahlberg, Jack ReynorNicola PeltzStanley TucciKelsey GrammerT.J. Miller, and Li Bingbing.  Transformers 4 opens on June 27, 2014


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