If you aren’t a Michael Bay Transformers fan then it’s time to stop reading this article. It is a franchise that is always torn down the middle with the fans but for some reason fanboys always go out to watch the films opening night. Well the latest installment in the series is titled Transformers: The Last Knight and is due out in 2017. So far we have seen a teaser and some posters..

Today we got our first look at a classic character who is being introduced to the movie world for the first time, Hot Rod! If you are familiar with this Autobot then you know that in the classic Transformers movie Optimus Prime is critically injured and he hands over the Matrix of Leadership to Hot Rod before he dies. Hot Rod then becomes Rodimus Prime. Could we see the passing of the torch in this new film? I think that this would be a really cool way to move forward with the franchise while also giving some really good fan service. Check out the official image of Hot Rod as revealed by Michael Bay himself!

Transformers Hot Rod