In 2007, a film came out and started a revolutionary vision that marveled the movie industry forever.  As a child, I was glued to the Saturday morning cartoons watching my favorite show religiously as a group of robotic aliens fight against their evil oppressors and triumph every single weekend.  When I heard that they were going to bring them back in a live action feature film, I was very skeptical.  But when I watched the film, I was blown away.  The action, the special effects, the music, and the voices were pure magic.  I left the theater speechless.  Now ten years later and five films later, the magic is still there, however not as strong.  This is still a Michael Bay film, which means that it is filled with massive explosions, sexual innuendos, cheesy writing, and over the top over dramatic musical tones, but I guess he can get away with it because this is a summer action blockbuster film.

Mark Wahlberg reprises his role as Cade Yeager, plus Josh Duhamel comes back as Colonel William Lennox.  It is refreshing and satisfying to know that Shia Labouf has not returned to this franchise.  Thank God for small favors!!  Bringing back Josh symbolizes that this series has come full circle since he is one of the original cast members returning to the film series.  To complete our human ensemble, Sir Anthony Hopkins plays our astronomer and historian Sir Edmund Burton.  Laura Haddock plays a british Professor of English Literature, Vivianne Wembley, Isabela Moner as Izabella Yeager, and Jarrod Carmichael as Jimmy (Cade’s hired help).  Each and every one of them play their part very well.  In a Michael Bay film you are expected to be extremely physically fit in order to survive these films.  He loves to blow things up and wreak havoc, all the while pushing them to the limits.

Just like in Dark of the Moon, conspiracy runs rampant throughout human history.  This time we concentrate on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  The fact we concentrate on Merlin’s staff leads to believe that Transformers play a pivotal role in our culture and the future of mankind.  Hidden throughout our history, Transformers shape our fate in World War II to the moon landing and to Stonehenge.  Peter Cullen reprises his role as the voice of Optimus Prime.  Bumblee returns as well as Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs return. Their role takes a backstage with the exception of Bumblee.  His role plays an important part in the film’s story.  Each voice character of the Autobots and their action sequences are very impressive, but I’ve already seen it done.  Peter Welker who voices Megatron delivers a great performance.  The big bad Quintessa is somewhat impressive.  I love the voice actor who plays her, Gemma Chan.  Her icy and cool demeanor brings a level of seductiveness to this film.  With Optimus Prime as her puppet, she manipulates her plan by trying to destroy the planet and re-energizing Cybertron.  The humans with the help of the Autobots try to thwart her nefarious plan and save Earth.

The story is somewhat entertaining, but not that realistic.  The characters are enjoyable to watch and there are some funny parts however predictable.  Mark Wahlberg carries the film as the hero of this tale and does a fine job, but I wish there would be some surprises along the way.  I guess the message of this film is that even though Transformers are mighty and powerful, the human spirit is stronger and will always triumph.

I give this film three and half out of five movie stubs.  It’s a good film with lots action and explosions.  Go and see it.  It’s a fun film this summer.