Not to be outdone by Hammer having it’s own YouTube channel, which we discussed here; today we learn that Troma is unleashing more than 150 films on it’s own channel! Love Troma or hate them, that’s an impressive amount of films. I haven’t gone through the thing to see how many actually “in house” Troma productions (The Toxic Avengers, Terror Firmer, Tromeo & Juliet) are on there, but I’m sure every person looking to see someone melt away with bromo-seltzer will get their fill. Lloyd Kaufman has created a shlock empire and is the very definition of “get off your ass and make a movie.” He’s not a film-talker, he is a film-maker! So, head on over and celebrate some TRUE independent horror cinema.

If you don’t know Troma, check out this trailer for it’s most Iconic film, The Toxic Avenger

You can visit the Troma YouTube Channel HERE.