Hello there my fellow fang-bangers!  Season six of True Blood has arrived, and I’m here to spill all the deets!

Who Are You Really?

trueblood-1This season starts off right where season 5 left us. After Bill consumed the entire vile of Lillith’s blood, exploded and came back all gooey and gross, we now have ourselves a brand new, indestructible Bill Compton, AKA Billith. Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Nora, Jessica and Jason were left running for their lives trying to escape the building before it exploded.  While driving to safety, Jason starts making remarks about how he agrees with Governor Burrell’s views on vamps (he’s pretty much declaring war on the Vampires, with the shortage of True Blood he has given the vampires a curfew, has banned them from feeding off humans and has shut down all vampire run businesses) they pull over to hash it all out, which leaves Jason mad and running away.  Sookie is trying to figure out what to do when Jessica is summoned by Bill.  When Eric tries to stop her from going she starts coughing up blood and writhing in pain, it looks like her heart is about to fly out of her chest.  With no other choice, Sookie grabs Jessica and throws her in the car so they can drive to Bill, while Eric and Nora fly after them and leave Tara to comfort Pam on the beach, she’s feeling just a bit rejected by Eric these days.

tumblr_moitc9jam41qzi80do1_r1_500 Sam, Luna and Emma are running for their lives after Luna risked everything to get Emma out of the clutches of Steve Newlin.  After shifting into him on live television Luna completely exhausted herself and died just outside the building where it all went down, but not before she entrusted Sam to keep Emma safe from anyone and everyone that will want to do her harm. So now Sam is responsible for Emma and has no idea what to do or where to go to keep her safe.


Alcide is officially Pack Master, ate the old pack masters arm and made out with two chics, or should I say wolves?  That’s really all the showed for his storyline, so we can discuss him later…

Andy is having a hard time accepting his role as a parent to quintuplet fairy babies, and though Arlene and Terry are doing their best to help him out, Arlene sets him straight and makes him take the responsibility himself, which he does in a completely endearing and awkward kind of way.  The last we see of them is Andy being woke up by his 4 babies, who are now about 2 years old!

Now, let’s get back to Sookie and the gang: When Sookie and Jessica finally show up at Bill’s mansion we find him sitting outside on the balcony looking just like his old self.  Nora and Eric fly up and Bill instantly throws Nora and grabs Eric by the throat.  Sookie instinctively stakes him to save Eric and nothing happens!  He just pulls the stake out of his chest like it was nothing.  After trying to talk Jessica into running away from him, Jessica decides to do just the opposite and stays with Bill, saying that he is her maker and she won’t leave him.  I have a question though, does anyone actually believe that Bill found a bottle of True Blood in the pantry for Jessica?  My theory is that he is feeding her his own blood to make her like him.  I guess we’ll have to see how that pans out.  Oh! And what do you think happened to Bill when those 3 gooey vamp chics flew into him?!?!  I don’t have any idea what is going on with him, and I can’t wait until his story really starts to unfold.


Jason, still walking, looks like he’s about to collapse when he hears a car and decides to hitchhike back to Bon Temps.  After being in the car for a while, telling his entire life story to this stranger, he finds out that he has been picked up by Warlo.  The very vampire that Sookie was promised to by her parents!

The last we see of Sookie is her and Eric at her house, where he signs it back over to her in his blood and promises to have the deed mailed to her the next day.  At that point she decides that she needs some time to herself, away from the supernatural world, and rescinds his invitation.  It’s so obvious at this point, as Nora points out, that Eric is in love with Sookie, which makes me really happy.  I love the relationship between the two of them in the books, I’m really hoping that they can fit some of that into this season.  Who knows what they’ll do though, they have completely strayed from the books at this point, which is exciting for me, since I have no idea what’s ahead.


This season looks like it’s full of action and I really wish I didn’t have to wait for the next episode. But alas, I do, so I will say to you, till next week Towelites! Here’s a preview to tide you over til then.

~The CheriMonster